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    Gilmore beats Wright in Maui surfing final – Mash Viral


    “It’s really bittersweet because I would have loved to see Tyler win,” said Gilmore.

    “I remember when Owen won his first tournament at Snapper and I thought,” It would be so cool that Tyler could win her first tournament “and I could say that she really wanted it.

    “The waves slowed down and the swell died and it fell in my direction.


    “She is so young and she feels fresh, I’m sure she’ll be more motivated than ever – there’s nothing better for motivation than being second.”

    Gilmore’s career almost derailed when she was randomly attacked outside her apartment at the end of 2010, which earned her a serious wrist injury and mental scarring.

    “Mentally, it’s the biggest victim, regain that trust. Obviously, Tyler is a two-time world champion, so she knows how to win, but you lose that confidence, “she said.

    “I’ve been there and it’s hard to resist but every victory won since has been so much more rewarding than any other.”

    Gilmore said she and Wright, 25, had spent time together “doing bodyboarding and hanging out” while her youngest rival was recovering, reinforcing their friendship.

    “I’m so happy for her, she’s in love and she’s so comfortable with where she’s in her life and she’s ready to go for a tear that’s awesome,” she said. Gilmore.

    Maui’s win was Gilmore’s fifth at Honolua Bay and her career record of 31 titles.


    The 31-year-old showed that she would be a force in 2020 by eliminating 2019 new world champion Carissa Moore of Hawaii and the young American candidate Caroline Marks en route to the trophy.

    Gilmore is also expected to surf the Olympics next year, representing Australia alongside Sally Fitzgibbon after the provisionally qualified duo for Tokyo.

    “I’m looking forward to seeing all this happen and of course, my goal is to win an eighth world title, so whether it happens next year or the year after, I’m not too stressed out. I certainly have a lot more in the tank. “