Massive brawl sees beachgoers batter each other with umbrellas and sunbeds in Belgium – The Sun

The dramatic scenes were filmed at Blankenberge beach on Saturday as sunseekers clashed with cops and lifeguards.


A chair is hurled across the sand as sunbathers launch themselves at one anotherCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap


An umbrella is thrown at speed towards emergency respondersCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap


One man tried to use the umbrella as a weapon, throwing it at a police officer as lifeguards watched onCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap

Footage shows a chair being hurled across the sand as sunbathers wildly launch themselves at one another.

One man is filmed using an umbrella as a weapon, throwing it at a police officer as lifeguards watch on.

Others fight among themselves, with grown men flying across the golden sand.

The fight is said to have started when a lifeguard told a group of around 40 youngsters that sitting on the breakwater was prohibited.

The group reportedly refused to leave, resulting in the massive brawl.

Describing the incident, a bar manager told De Standaard: “There was suddenly massive fighting and total chaos broke out.

“Sun umbrellas and sunbeds flew, windsurfing poles were used as weapons.”

Sand and other objects were thrown at officers, as they shielded themselves with batons and face masks.

Cops arrested a number of people involved, with the town’s mayor condemning their behaviour.

Mayor Daphné Dumery said: “I think this is terrible.

“For people who come with good intention and want to enjoy a day in Blankenberge, this is very bad. I think of children and their parents.”

Mayor Dumery asked for all trains to Blackenberge to be cancelled on Sunday, banning day-trippers from the seaside resort.


One man goes flying as the drama unfoldsCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap


Men and women clash with cops at the beauty spotCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap


Two men fall to the ground during the brawlCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap


Officers tried to break up the scenesCredit: Twitter/JefDweislap

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