Oct 22, 2019 at 5:00 PM

The award is presented by StarNews Media and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce to recognize young professionals.

Age: 38

Birthplace: Springfield, Illinois

Where do you live now? Wilmington

Employer, job title: New Hanover County Public Library, children’s librarian

Who are your immediate family members? Wife Annie Hayes, Rodgers Hayes (age 6), Benny Hayes (age 3)

Education: Master of Library Science, NCCU

What groups are you affiliated with? n/a

What are your guiding principles? Do what you love. Be happy!

How do you volunteer your time in the community? Promoting literacy to children through storytime performances and other programs.

Who has helped you achieve success in your life and career? My family, friends, teachers and colleagues.

What goal would you like to accomplish before turning 40? Record a children’s music album.

Favorite book: “Can You Make a Scary Face” by Jan Thomas

Hobbies: Running, skimboarding, storytelling

Most prized possession: My library card

If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be? “The Dewey Decimal Rap”