Chasing the Shot: Iceland surf exploration – Red Bull

Written by Andrew Lewis

Icelanders Elli Thor Magnusson and Heidar Logi invite an international cast of pro surfers to join them on a chase for some of Iceland’s remotest and perfect waves.

It takes a special group of surfers, photographers and filmers to come together and set off into the remotest regions of the world in search of surf – especially when there’s no guarantee that at the end of the road perfect waves will be waiting.

But these surf explorers do exist and you’ll meet many of them right here in our latest instalment of Chasing the Shot, Red Bull Surfing’s most adventurous surf travel series. Filmmakers Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry teamed up with Icelandic adventurers, photographer Elli Thor Magnusson and pro surfer Heidar Logi on a trek deep into Iceland’s wave country with a collective of some of the toughest surfers on the planet.

Big wave all-stars Conor Maguire, Natxo Gonzalez and Russ Bierke linked up with Noah Wegrich over the course of two trips with the film and photo crew to document the stunning journey you can now view above.

You’ll learn how Elli Thor Magnusson became obsessed with documenting Iceland’s beautiful, rugged and remote regions, and how he found the perfect travel companion in Heidar Logi, Iceland’s first professional surfer – a young man who is ready to surf in the harshest of conditions, for as long as it takes to get the shot.

In a place like Iceland, epic waves aren’t just waiting around the closest corner – it takes grit and patience to score in such a frozen, barren country. But if you’re looking for inspiration for how to be a surf adventurer, look no further than Chasing the Shot Iceland – the one film in 2020 that every surf explorer needs to see.