Discover the raddest surf-friendly spots in Japan with Chippa Wilson’s guide – British GQ

Social platform Vero is well known for its community of artists and creators, but did you know that it’s also home to some of the most exciting shapers on the action sports scene? , one of the biggest free surfers in the world, is a case in point, having recently teamed up with Vero and surfing magazine Wasted Talent on a trip around Japan. For the “Connect The Dots” project, Wilson – who’s widely celebrated as a representative of the global surfing community at its best – travelled around the country using Vero users’ recommendations as a guide, from restaurants and bars to surf spots and hotels.

The results were, of course, rather extraordinary, thanks to Vero’s specific “place” post type that allows users to recommend (or advise against) the addresses you need on your must-visit list – all of which are stored in the collections area and easily searchable at whatever point you need them. So what does this mean? That there’s an epic Japan guide available, for free, to all the app’s users, with every single coffee shop, park, bar or even specific geographical location coming personally recommended by a trusted authority.

Of the scores of places Wilson visited, as well as those suggested using #ChippaJapan, our favourites included surfing pool Tokyo City Wave, Yokohama’s best karaoke bar and the top surf shop in Shibuya (expect tons of recommendations for Toyko’s most popular tourist district, including GQ’s own for the best menswear brand and the best gyoza). There were also, of course, some seriously good waves.

And it’s not just Japan. A quick glance at ’s feed promises the coolest surf-friendly places in the world, with Hawaii recommendations currently coming in thick and fast. There’s the magical beach where in-the-know visitors go to avoid the North Shore crowds… The shack serving up famous açai bowls… The resort to book… The Honolulu record, comic and book stores to while away the hours in… We could go on.

It’s little surprise, then, that the surf community is thriving on Vero. Well worth a follow is award-winning skimboarder and videographer Amber Torrealba, who shares epic, beautifully shot videos of herself skimboarding (think surfing, but just a smaller board, without fins), as well as tips on her favourite beaches in the world. We’re also big fans of the incredible surf photography from the likes of Paddy Mack and Nick Pumphrey. Then there are the other action sport communities, from racing drivers to BMX enthusiasts, the best of whom you’ll find in the Vero explore page in the “currently on Vero” section.

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