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    Horrifying: Universally accepted “world’s sexiest explorer” nearly eaten by Great Whites as shark-shaped mini-submarine malfunctions! – BeachGrit

    We live in incredibly harrowing times.

    I’m going to be honest with you here. When I read the headline “world’s sexiest explorer” I was expecting a lot more. A whole lot more. I don’t know what, exactly, but… more. Cascading blonde hair? A come-hither stare? Peter O’Toole playing T.E. Lawrence? Yes, and nothing against Fabien Costeau at all. His father, Jacques, obviously a legend in sexy exploration but…

    …I don’t know. World’s sexiest explorer?

    I’ll let you be the judge.


    First impressions?

    Let’s not get needlessly hung up. Let’s continue learning about how the, arguably, world’s sexiest explorer was nearly eaten by vicious, woke Great Whites and let’s then celebrate his overcoming incredible odds.

    Fabien Cousteau, dubbed the “world’s sexiest explorer”, has revealed how he risked attack whilst swimming with dangerous great white sharks after his underwater submarine broke down.

    This forced the Frenchman to swim to shore entirely unprotected in an area heavily populated by sharks. The incident took place during the filming of ‘Shark: Mind of a Demon’, a documentary for CBS, in 2004.

    To get close to the apex predators Mr Cousteau used a mini submarine, shaped like a shark, called Troy.

    However he was exposed to danger after it stopped working and the explorer was forced to swim to shore through shark infested waters in the dark.


    Of course Fabien survives and later delivers a stirring TED talk on the harrowing encounter but…


    The world’s sexiest explorer?

    I’m having a hard time here and wipe that smirk off your face. What I meant is that I’m having a difficult time here.

    Who, in your opinion, is the world’s sexiest explorer?

    I have been places in Yemen that no white man has ever trod just FYI.

    More as the story develops.

    Also, today is not a good day to surf. Maybe stay out of the water for at least one week. Many sharks.

    Many, many sharks.