Near Perfect Conditions for the New Jersey Wakeoff 2019 – Hopatcong Lake Regional News

The largest Wakeboarding Event in the Northeast was once again be held on Lake Hopatcong, as hosted by the great Beach Front Venue of the Lake Forest Yacht Club.

This event is for anyone that loves the Beach, Water, Boats, Athletics, or you’re just waiting for someone to take a big spill. Regardless of your interest, this is a must-attend event in anyone within our Lake Hopatcong region.

On Saturday morning, the 43 riders participating in the New Jersey Wakeoff this year gathered at the Lake Forest Yacht Club to a perfect Sunny Day in the low 80’s on Lake Hopatcong.

So, if the day was so perfect, why did so many riders spend most of their time in the Water?

Was it the wind? Or, maybe the rope handle was a little slippery today. Regardless, riders from all skill levels had difficulty making a full pass without hitting the water. And that actually added to the overall fun of the day, as the spectators that lined the beach were able to witness several spills.

The Lake Forest Yacht Club was a perfect host again this year, as they welcome everyone to their pristine private club that is open to the public for this event. Again, this year they had Vendors, Food and Beer along their long sandy beach on Lake Hopatcong.

As of the publishing of this article, you still have time to make it to the after-party @ MASON STREET PUB.