JENNIFER Waller is raising money to raise awareness of a rare blood cancer called myeloma. Here is the fourth part of her blog.

Packet of hot cross buns and I was lost at ‘taste the difference’. The guilt which I knew would be waiting for me the next morning was at that moment, irrelevant.

It took just minutes of blissful chomping, and all had gone. And with it the equivalents of several hours work at the gym. That was a low moment I have to say.

It can be so hard just clinging on to the hope that I will make it to the fitness stage in July, but to be consistent every day as well? Tough, I’m used to giving up as soon as I fancy a biscuit with my tea.

All was not lost however because this week I was going to Northern Bootcamp! Caroline and Dan Smith, the owners and coaches of Northern Bootcamp had prepared four intense days of physical challenges blended with fun activities for us – in the mornings we could be running up sand dunes and then body boarding on the beach at Bamburgh in the afternoon.

I was with five other women all of whom had their own reasons for wanting to replace fat with muscle, and all great fun to be with. The struggles of swinging kettle bells around our heads at ‘very early o’clock’, or sprinting up hills with your lungs feeling like they were about to go into meltdown were made so much easier because we were all out there together, cheering each other on and sweating as one.

Our last morning and one again we were all up at the crack of dawn ready for our final weigh in. Like students waiting for exam results we queued up outside the office ready to be called in one at a time, and I am so relieved to say at last the scales are tipping in the downward direction!

Current stats: 73kg, body fat 23.7 per cent, a fall of 3kg and 3.5 per cent drop in bodyfat. YES!!

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