Sick creeps keep leaving fake severed limbs on memorial to shark attack victim –

fake severed legs on Arthur Medici's memorial
Fake severed legs keep appearing on shark attack victim Arthur Medici’s memorial in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. (Picture: Wellfleet Police Department/AP)

Ghoulish pranksters have left at least three fake ‘severed’ legs at a memorial to a man killed by a shark attack.

Three different fake legs, two of which were made to look bloody, have appeared near the memorial for Arthur Medici, a 26-year-old bodyboarder who was killed by a white shark in September in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The first faux leg, featuring bloody jagged bones, was discovered in March by employees of the town who later threw it out, according to a report.

Another limb turned up in June. This one was intricately carved from wood and had a bright green ribbon tied around the ankle that read ‘RIP.’

Jay Norton, the town’s assistant public works director, told the Cape Cod Times that the leg was taken to police, who are still holding it.

arthur medici
Arthur Medici, 26, was the first person to be killed by a shark in Massachusetts in 82 years (Picture: GoFundMe)

Last weekend, the third and most grisly depiction of a shark-torn leg appeared near the memorial. It was attached to a blue cooler filled with concrete and featured a long gash on the thigh. It also appeared to be covered in fake blood and was taken by police.



Police Chief Ronald Fisette said authorities are still investigating the incidents, but no one has been charged yet.

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The memorial is on Newcomb Hollow Beach, where Medici died. Town Administrator Daniel Hoort said the beach is owned by the town, which has no policy on the removal of private objects government-owned property.

Hoort said: ‘I’m not aware of a policy other than a sense of common decency.’

According to Fisette, the legs are not being considered vandalism. Instead, the police chief said they are being viewed as additions.

‘It’s not destruction,’ Fisette said.

Witnesses and authorities say Medici was bodyboarding close to shore on September 15 2018 when he was attacked by the white shark, which bit his leg and severed his femoral artery.

A doctor who was on the beach at the time of the attack said Medici was dead before he reached the sand.

He was reportedly the first person killed by a shark in Massachusetts in 82 years.